What does it mean to be an Entrepreneur?

By Sara Beam

Since I have a passion for Entrepreneurship, this is a question that I ponder regularly. What does it really mean to be an Entrepreneur?

The word Entrepreneur is defined by Webster’s  dictionary as:

One who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise.

However, an entrepreneur is so much more than how it is defined by the dictionary.

The more I thought about it, I would describe an entrepreneur as

  • Creative

Entrepreneurs not only think of new business ideas but also new products, new services, new ways of running their business and all of these aspects take a great deal of creativity in order for them to stand out and succeed.

  • Ambitious

The entrepreneur is the most ambitious of all people. They have such great determination to succeed, that they will devote their time, personal finances and lives to assure that their venture is successful but all while not knowing if it will be.

  • Hard Working

Entrepreneurs devote all efforts to their new ventures. Some entrepreneurs also work other full time jobs while trying to launch their business. Some entrepreneurs could work up to 100 hour work weeks just to insure that they will succeed.

  • Determined

Since so many entrepreneurs invest so much of their time, energy, money and lives to their startup companies, they are determined to make sure that they are successful in everything that they do so that all of their hard work does not go to shame.

  • Innovative

Entrepreneurs are always thinking of ways to make existing products better and what new products could do something better. This is what a lot of new businesses are based off of and what they spend so much of their time obsessing over.

  • Brave

Would you be willing to take a risk that involved your life savings, investors’ money, every hour of your day and all of your energy, all for a business that might not be successful? Entrepreneurs are brave because they take this risk and many other risks every day.

  • Confident

An entrepreneur has to be confident, because if they do not believe in themselves, their product or their business then there is no way investors, potential partners or future customers will have any confidence in them or their venture.

  • Passionate

Arguably the most important point, an entrepreneur must have passion for what they do. Entrepreneurs spend hours and hours a day working towards their entrepreneurial goals and if they do not have a real love and passion for their business, it will eventually fail.

So what does it mean to be an entrepreneur? Does it mean taking risks? Creating new products and ideas? Or just having the confidence in yourself that you will succeed in your venture? Is it all based on passion?

In this video by Wayra Startups you will hear what some of the Wayra Week UK projects hopefuls think an entrepreneur is:

I think the definition changes based on who you ask, so what does it mean to you to be an Entrepreneur?

Please leave your thoughts and comments!



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