An Entrepreneurial Mindset

By Sara Beam

Have you ever found yourself thinking about how to make something you use every day better? Or have you ever found yourself thinking about how you can turn something into a business? If you answered yes to those questions then you have an Entrepreneurial Mind.

Entrepreneurs are constantly innovating, creating and imagining better products and services, even if they do not know it. Many people have these thoughts all the time but are unaware that they have an entrepreneurial mind.

What I want to challenge you to do, is whenever you have these thoughts, take note and take it a step further. Instead of just thinking, “this product could be better” think, “how can I make it better?, what is a solution?” and after that I want you to think, “now how would I implement this idea?” These are just the starting thoughts when it comes to being an entrepreneur, but you have got to start somewhere right?

These day-to-day thoughts are how entrepreneurs everywhere are making a living and making a big impact on the world. Have you ever seen a new product and thought “why didn’t I think of that?” Well chances are, you have, or you have thought of an even better idea for a product. Think about what could be if you took that thought a step further!

Once you have that thought, and you have asked yourself the above questions, you must train your brain to be thinking like an entrepreneur all the time. Take every piece of information you receive in and make the most out of it. Take constructive criticism to better your product and your future business. Ask questions and research (a lot, and I mean a lot of market research) to better your product to optimize your profitability and success. You must devote your thinking to your business idea. Chances are that since you already have an entrepreneurial mindset, then this should all come naturally to you.

Now whats stopping you from being great? You have the idea, lets face it, you probably have tons! You could be the next Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or Coco Chanel? You have been gifted with your entrepreneurial mind, now use it! Don’t get me wrong, it is going to take hard work and perseverance in combination with your entrepreneurial thoughts, but you can do it. Get out there and be great, do great and create greatness.

Twitter: @Sara_A_Beam